How to wear Women's Costumes

The two pieces of the classic categories (bodybuilding, fitness, figure, shape, body fitness, ...) must be worn in the following way:
  • put the slip on and cut it well above the iliac crests, at the thinnest point of the waist.
  • wear the bra and cross the laces behind, once or twice (the double crossing gives more hold if it seems to you that the bra is not well adherent to the breast), pass them through the special slots of the slip, knot them, cut off part of the laces if they are that long (even on the lacing behind the neck) and put knots and laces in the slip.
The alternative is to use bra hooks applied to the laces, to be hooked to the loops. The second solution is much more "clean" and perhaps comfortable, I personally recommend the first because it allows you to always check the leg as you wish. With the hooks, on the other hand, it can easily happen that the laces "loosen" a little or that you lose weight since you took the measurement and after the race they are not well stretched and the costume does not remain well cut during the race. The right leg cut is very important to enhance your V-shape. If you still want to have the hooks inserted you can ask for them, I add them to you at no additional cost, and I leave them free, not fixed, so that you can take the right size when you wear the costume.
It is strongly recommended to show up at the registration with the costume already fastened and arranged in this way, because if you leave it free, it tends to naturally go downwards, because it is elastic, risking to be in the eyes of the judges who must check them, too small or not compliant with the regulation. For the same reason, always consult the size guide before ordering the costumes and if you have any doubts contact me, you will have all the assistance you need to choose the correct size.
It is also recommended to use the Bikini Bite glue that you find on the site to fix the panty behind and on the hips, so that it does not move during the poses, and if you need it you can also fix the edges of the bra.
In this category the most suitable swimsuit is the bikini with curled back, the evolution of recent years is to wear it very high-cut, the elastic attachment to the connectors of our briefs will allow you to do it without any problem, if you want to fix the leg, as for the categories above, you can use the ProtanUsa Bikini Byte which you can find in the 'Tanning and Fixers' category on our website.
Always recommended both if you have a very small breast size (I, II) and for larger breast sizes because they greatly improve the fit of the triangle. The cups are inserted into a pocket and are removable and maneuverable once the bra is worn so that they adapt to your shape.
You can also use two pairs (double push up cup item) to increase the push up effect.
Also evaluate the size of your chest well, visually it is bad to see a small cup on a large chest, then in this case it is better to choose a triangle cup of a larger size with the push up cup inserted inside.
This article wants to give some indications to help you choose well and make the most of yourself from the point of view of costumes, if you still have doubts in choosing the right size, model, color, ask me for assistance.