How to use Sashes and Bustiers

The purpose of using bands and bustiers is to 'model' the waist by educating the posture (well erect and not relaxed on the abdomen), the final result of a correct use is a visible thinning of the waistline due to this postural education. In itself, bands and bustiers do not make you lose weight (watch out for false promotional messages) except the extremepower band with neoprene inside which can favor local thermogenesis and the loss of subcutaneous fluids. Headbands and bustiers must be compressive to work, if you buy too large sizes or low quality products that don't have much tightness don't expect results.

In general, for both men and women, the strap band should be used during training and the bustier during the day and / or night gradually for as many hours as possible.

Many ask if you can use only one of the two always, the answer is no, yes you can but the band is not constricting enough for the function it has to exercise during the day and the corset is too constricting for what it would be. appropriate during training, as well as you risk damaging it by breaking the splints.

Our bustiers and headbands are imported directly from Colombia, where the waisttraining has been in vogue for a very long time and the best quality bustiers are produced (but also other cheaper but less effective ones, therefore made in Colombia does not necessarily indicate high quality ', we have researched and tested these products for you).

Once again both poor quality and uncompressive bustiers and headbands are just nice to wear for selfies, don't expect effectiveness.

How not to expect maximum effectiveness from partial or incorrect use even if they are of high quality.

Women's latex bustiers must be very tight, you have to close them with a lot of effort the first few times and then as you get used to it, for those who are not used to it it is better to choose a larger size at the beginning following the instructions in the size guide or leave with invisible modeling corset that is a little less constricting. Put in estimate that probably going forward (especially those who are preparing for competitions with consequent changes in body composition during the preparation, but not only) you will need to buy a smaller size.

The corset for men is a little lighter, similar to the invisible modeling corset for women in terms of workmanship and materials but more conforming to the male curves, less compressive than those for women in latex but the same rules as above apply except for the size, for which from experience we see that it is better to buy a smaller size than indicated by the tables in the size guide.

In all cases, the bustiers should be used during the day and / or night starting from 1-2 hours a day gradually increasing the number of hours according to your tolerance. It is advisable to remove it during meals if you feel too much discomfort and too much compression and especially during large meals.

The invisible modeling corset for women and the corset for men, as well as the straps, can be used as an aid after surgery, always after consulting with your doctor.

The invisible modeling corset for women, lighter and more bearable than the latex one, is ideal to wear under clothes or to alternate with the latex one when it is not possible to keep it for many hours.

The difference between the regular latex women's bustier and the short one is simply a couple of fewer rows of vertical hooks that make it a little more comfortable and invisible under clothing, otherwise they are identical, except for size XS for which we noticed that the short models really fit very small, so at the moment we are preferring the short version but for size XS we have both versions.

The animalier bustiers are all regular versions.

The sport latex band is of the exact same workmanship and material as the Latex corset, so it is the one that has the most compression and hold, however the use of the strap instead of the hooks makes it more adaptable to the body and therefore can also be used during training . You can feel it a bit 'hard' the first 4-5 times you use it, then it will adapt perfectly to your shape while remaining very compressive.

With this note we just wanted to answer your most frequently asked questions about how to use our bustiers and headbands.

Happy waisttraining to everyone.