Women's Costumes Size Guide

Sizes costumes woman Figures and Bikinis
The sizes for all models of triangle bras range from size I-XS to size fourth-L, given the high elasticity and the fairly wide fit, size L fits well up to a sixth, larger sizes can be made on request .
The balconette bras start from the second up to the fourth, we do not make larger sizes on request.
All triangle or balconette bras are equipped with an internal pocket for the insertion of removable padding.
The sizes for all models of bikini and wellness briefs range from XXS to M.
In general, the XXS corresponds to a size 38 of Italian size trousers, the XS to a 40, the S to a 42 and the M to a 44.
However, having a system that adapts the connectors to the width of the hips, we have often verified that the size of the bikini bottoms serves more than anything else to indicate the coverage of the panty front and back, because the part on the hips is adapted to your measurements. So if you have a size 42 for example, you want very little slip coverage and you are not particularly tall, an XXS might also be right for you. If you have any doubts please contact us.
The sizes for figure, physique and bodybuilding briefs are XS (corresponds to a 38 of Italian size trousers), S (corresponds to a 38-40 of Italian size trousers), M (corresponds to a 40-42), L (corresponds to a 42-44).

For costumes on request we require additional measurements, consult the 'How to measure' guide to see how to correctly provide us with the required measurements.